Intersection Vehicle Crashes That Result In Injuries And Fatalities

Accidents That Occur At Intersections

Intersection vehicle crashes are among the most common types of accidents. They often result in injuries and, at times, fatalities. There are many reasons why these crashes occur.

These intersection vehicle crashes can involve all types of vehicles. These vehicles include not only passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles such as trucks, but also motorcycles. Bicyclists and pedestrians are also involved in such accidents.

Types Of Accidents That Can Occur

There are various reasons for vehicle intersection crashes. Among common reasons for crashes include:

Red Light Running

When a driver runs through a red light, the safety of all road users at or near the intersection can be placed in jeopardy. The subject of red light running is an important one – according to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, deaths caused by red light running recently hit a 10-year high. 

If a collision occurs because a driver ran through a red light, it often leads to significant, if not serious injuries. There are many reasons why these injuries tend to be of greater severity. The vehicle that disobeys the red light is often traveling at significant speed; as well, the vehicles lawfully traveling through the intersection are likely also traveling at significant speed. Given the speeds involved the physical trauma to all vehicle occupants will likely be signficant. As well, it is likely that the collision will be a “t-bone” crash in which the front of the one vehicle hits the side of another. These crashes are inherently physically traumatic to vehicle occupants as it subjects people to highly forceful and unnatural forces.

When One Vehicle Rear-Ends Another

Vehicles can be rear-ended at intersections for a number of reasons. A stopped car is vulnerable to being hit from behind if the driver in the rearward vehicle can not stop the vehicle in time to avoid a collision. As well, the driver in the rearward car may be distracted and thus is not aware of the vehicle stopped ahead.

The severity of injuries during these collisions can vary significantly. While some rear-end collisions result in no injuries, there can be various types of harm that occurs. One common injury that can occur is whiplash. However, it is possible that other injuries can occur as well.

Collisions Involving Turning Vehicles

There are many accidents that occur as a vehicle attempts to make a turn. One common type of collision occurs when a vehicle attempts to make a left hand turn or right hand turn, and fails to yield to an oncoming vehicle.

One of the leading types of motorcycle accidents occurs when a motorcycle is hit by a vehicle that makes a left hand turn immediately in front of an oncoming motorcycle. Often, this occurs because the motorist “fails to see” the oncoming motorcycle. As seen in many Illinois motorcycle accidents of this type, these collisions are highly physically traumatic to the motorcycle rider, and if applicable, passenger. The motorcyclist is often seriously injured and life-threatening injuries and fatalities often result.

Similarly, if a motorist is making a right hand turn and fails to see a motorcycle, a collision can occur. This type of collision also typically leads to serious harm to the rider.

There are various types of accidents involving turning vehicles that can injure bicyclists. Two main types are the so-called right hook and left hook accidents. In the right hook accident, a bicyclist riding straight is hit by a vehicle either ahead or next to the bicycle that is attempting to make a right hand turn. In these accidents, the driver attempting to make the turn either does not see the bicyclist or fails to recognize that the bicyclist is near the vehicle.

In a left hook accident, the bicyclist is attempting to ride straight through an intersection, and is hit by a motorist in opposing traffic that is attempting to make a left-hand turn. As with motorcyclists, the lack of any structural protection exposes the bicyclist to potentially serious injuries.

Intersection vehicle crashes at times involve pedestrians. If the person walking attempts to cross the street “against the light,” the person may be vulnerable to being hit by cross traffic.

If the pedestrian crosses the intersection lawfully in a crosswalk, there is supposed to be safe passage. However, as seen in many Illinois pedestrian accidents, even when the walker is in a crosswalk the person may be hit by a vehicle. These accidents in which the motorist fails to yield often result in serious harm to the pedestrian, and as seen in many accidents fatalities can result.

What To Do If Injured In A Vehicle Accident

There are various steps one should take if injured during a vehicle accident. These steps are intended to safeguard one’s health as well as maximize the ability to get injury compensation if the accident was someone else’s fault.

If someone is hurt during an accident, it is highly recommended that the person get a thorough medical examination. This medical examination – typically performed in the hospital emergency room – seeks to identify all accident injuries and their severity. Once all injuries are identified, a proper course of medical treatment can be determined.

This medical exam is important for many reasons. One of the reasons is certain injuries may not be readily apparent can be identified. Often, various types of serious injuries may have occurred, but they might not be obvious to the injured person. If these injuries are not identified and properly treated, they may lead to serious adverse health effects. In certain instances these adverse health consequences may become life-threatening in nature.

From a legal perspective, there are many steps that should be taken as soon as possible. These steps will help protect the ability to get the maximum amount of injury compensation. Getting injury compensation is often a pressing need as medical costs and other financial hardships often accompany getting injured.

A personal injury attorney is often engaged to pursue injury compensation in cases where another person is responsible for the accident. In accidents or intentional actions which result in a person’s death, a wrongful death lawsuit can be pursued by relevant parties.

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