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Drug-Impaired Driving That Has Caused Injuries And Death

Drug-impaired driving has been increasing in frequency. Many fear that this drug-impaired driving might increase once that marijuana becomes legalized in Illinois beginning in 2020. There are many drugs that have used before drug-impaired driving and the associated accidents. Among the most common drugs used by “drugged drivers” are cannabis, heroin, cocaine, and meth. However, …

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“Head-On Collisions” And The Typically Serious Injuries

“Head-on collisions” are among the most physically traumatic vehicle accidents. They often result to serious accident injuries for all vehicle occupants. Furthermore, as seen in many such accidents in Illinois, a high percentage of those hurt pass away from their accident injuries. Many aspects of these frontal collisions are further discussed on the “Southern Illinois …

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Fatal Macoupin County Crash That Involved A “Head-On Collision”

There was a fatal Macoupin County crash that involved a “head-on collision” Saturday (November 3, 2018) night. According to information provided by the Illinois State Police, this fatal Macoupin County crash happened on IL Route 111 about a half-mile north of Albany Road.  The crash happened just before 6:30 p.m. involved a 2004 Ford truck that was …

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“Head-On Collision” In Massac County Leads To Three Fatalities And Others Injured

There was a fatal Southern Illinois car accident Thursday (January 11, 2018) along U.S. 45 in Massac County.  Three people died as a result of the accident and others were injured.  The accident involved a “head-on collision” that happened following a loss of vehicle control. An excerpt regarding the fatal collision, from the article …

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“Drugged Driving” Alleged In Fatal Madison County Car Accident

While driving after drinking (i.e. drunk driving) continues to be a significant factor in many vehicle accidents, driving after taking drugs (also referred to as “drugged driving”) is also occurring on a frequent basis.  Statistics indicate that such “drugged driving” now is a substantial traffic safety hazard.  While there are many drugs – both legal …

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