bicycling accidents

Bicyclist Fatally Struck By Alleged Distracted Driver

One of the primary traffic safety hazards continues to be distracted driving.  While the dangers posed by distracted driving is applicable to all road users, among the most vulnerable to inattentive distracted drivers are those road users who are “harder to see.”  These “hard to see” road users include bicyclists, motorcyclists, and pedestrians.  Further adding …

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Fatal Cartersville Bicycle Accident

There was a fatal bicycle accident Thursday night (August 24, 2017) in Cartersville. According to Cartersville Police, the accident scene was in the 5000 block of East Sycamore Road.  The accident involved a vehicle striking a bicycle at approximately 8:30 p.m. An excerpt regarding the collision, from article of August 25, 2017, titled “Coroner: …

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