Car Seat Usage Law For Children Under The Ago Of Two

Car seat usage remains one of the best ways to avoid potentially serious vehicle accident injuries for children. However, the car seat usage is maximized if the car seat is properly configured and otherwise properly used. A new Illinois law takes effect in 2018 regarding children who are under the age of two years old.

The new law is discussed in the article of December 28, 2018 titled “New rear-facing child car seat law goes into effect Tuesday.”

An excerpt from the article:

Children 2 years of age and younger will have to ride in rear-facing car seats when a new Illinois law takes effect Tuesday.

The state’s Child Passenger Protection Act, signed by Gov. Bruce Rauner Aug. 3, mandates a $75 fine for first-time violators with the fine going up to $200 for the second violation.


“I have a 6-year-old and a 4-year-old, so I’m very much in tune with what goes on with children in cars,” said the bill’s sponsor, Rep. Emanuel Chris Welch, D-Westchester. “I don’t know a parent who wouldn’t want to do what’s best for their children.”

Citing a statistic from the AAP, Welch said that use of the correct car safety seat or booster seat lowers the risk of death or serious injury by 71 percent. Children who ride in rear-facing seats are five times safer, he added, than those riding while facing forward. “There will be lives saved because of this legislation,” said Doug Carlson, chairman of the department of pediatrics and professor of pediatrics and emergency medicine at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine.

While the law affects children up to age 2, Carlson said parents “should consider keeping them in (car seats) longer as long as they can fit.”

Head and neck injuries, and to some extent chest and abdomen injuries, are lessened when children are in rear-facing seats, he added. That’s because those parts of the body are supported by the hard shell of the car seat allowing it to absorb most of the force.

Additional details regarding this new law regarding proper car seat usage for children under the age of two can be seen in the article above as well as the December 31 CBS Chicago article (with video) titled “Parents Prepare For New Car Seat Law Taking Effect.”


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