Truck-Motorcycle Collision On I-159 Near Holiday Shores

As discussed on the “Early-Season Motorcycle Riding Safety Issues” page, there are many reasons why riding a motorcycle in the early Illinois motorcycle season (generally starting in March or April) can be more hazardous than riding during the summer and fall.

One of these reasons is that motorists are not as used to “seeing” motorcycles in March and April as they are later in the season.  As discussed often on this site, one of the main reasons that motorcycle accidents occur is that motorists “fail to see” motorcycles and therefore fail to avoid collisions with them.

There was an early-season truck-motorcycle collision on Thursday (April 5, 2018) near Holiday Shores.  Details on the truck-motorcycle collision appear limited at this time.  Details on why the crash occurred do not appear to be publicly available.  However, it is being reported on (in the April 6, 2018 article titled “One person airlifted after accident involving a motorcycle on I-159“) that one person was airlifted from the accident scene.

Additional details regarding these Illinois motorcycle accident topics can be seen in the sources mentioned above.


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