ATV Accidents Among Young Teenagers

All-terrain vehicle (ATV) and UTV safety has been a continual concern given the frequency and extent of accidents and injuries, especially those involving teenagers and children.

Medline Plus (National Institutes of Health) published a document today (July 14, 2014) titled “Teens, ATV a Dangerous Combo.”  The article discusses a study’s findings regarding Iowa teens and the incidence of ATV accidents and injuries.

A couple of excerpts:

“More kids younger than 16 are dying from ATV crashes than from bicycle crashes. We talk a lot about bicycle safety, but there isn’t enough discussed with kids and families about safety when riding an ATV,” said study author Dr. Charles Jennissen, a clinical associate professor of pediatrics and emergency medicine at the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine.

Since 2001, kids aged 15 and younger have represented nearly 30 percent of all ATV-related injuries and one-fifth of ATV-related deaths in the United States, the authors said in their study, which appears in the July/August issue of the Annals of Internal Medicine.

Previous studies have indicated that young ATV operators have a 12 times greater risk of injury compared with adults, the study authors noted.


For example, an ATV’s tires are designed for off-road use. “They aren’t designed for road surfaces,” she said. “They make it more difficult to control and easy to crash. And on the road, in an accident with a car, the car always wins.”

Additional details can be seen in the Medline Plus document mentioned above.

Another source, TeensHealth, has published a document titled “ATV Safety,” which provides a number of safety tips regarding ATV operation.


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